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How to handle insomnia in young children

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If your child has trouble getting to sleep, or his sleep is disturbed by frequent nightmares and wakefulness, then he’s far from getting the recommended 8 hours a night. Before insomnia sets in, read our tips – daily habits and 100% natural solutions – to help your child get a good night’s sleep.

How to tell if your child is insomniac

Sleep disorders can take several forms in young children:

  • difficulty falling asleep
  • waking several times in the night
  • frequent nightmares
  • poor quality sleep
  • waking too early

Lacking their 8 hours a day, children suffering from insomnia can sometimes get headaches and have trouble concentrating at school. If these problems persist, they should be taken seriously to avoid a vicious cycle of irregular sleep patterns.

What causes insomnia?

If your child isn’t sleeping, or sleeping badly, take a closer look at these three potential causes:

  • Irregular sleeping habits: a lack of routine (irregular hours, places, or bedtime rituals) can endanger a child’s sleep
  • Anxiety: tension at home, at school or general anxiousness can lead to difficulty sleeping
  • Chronic physical problems: Ear, nose or throat infections, or digestive problems can impact the quality of sleep

5 solutions to help your child sleep like a baby

  • Reinvent a bedtime routine: put your child to bed at the same time nightly, in the presence of familiar objects, staying with him or her a little while
  • Renew dialogue: by discussing your child’s fears with him, he’ll be better equipped to tackle them
  • Re-establish good eating habits: eat a reasonable amount – neither too much nor too little – and reasonably early, at least 1h30 before bedtime
  • Re-decorate his bedroom: this should be dedicated to sleep, no TV or computer, and it shouldn’t be overheated (19°C)
  • Rebalance his system with a homeopathic treatment and plant-based medicines: valerian, passionflower, hawthorn, wild oat and lime-tree can be very effective.

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