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Violet Viola Odorata L.

Origin of name
The genus name Viola is derived from the Latin name viola, which means flower, color and stock.
Pharmaceutical properties
Widely known for its aromatic qualities, Violet also boasts significant emollient and softening properties. Drawn from the heart of the flower, its beneficial properties restore a delectable sensation of well-being to the skin. Known active principles: Mucilage.
Physiological action: Emollient.
Useful facts
Sweet and delicate. Violets are edible flowers with expectorant and soothing properties. They are odorless, except for Sweet Violet (Viola odorata) and Wonder Violet (Viola mirabilis), which emits a sweet fragrance. The Sweet Violet flowers are used for tasty delicacies. When used together with sugar from Toulouse, they add a delightfully aromatic flavor to syrups, honey and desserts.

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