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Pollution, cold weather, sun are negative conditions for your skin's natural balance.

To treat daily skin problems such as irritations, chappings, warts, acne... we have a range of solutions to offer in the form of our homeopathic medicines.

For your comfort, we also propose our cosmetic cream Calendula, to help wound healing.


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With the arrival of spring, the kids pick up their outdoor games – and the little cuts and scrapes that accompany them. Bike riding accidents, scrapes or burns – these minor injuries can be treated quickly to prevent pain the next day. Read our tips on healing your little ones’ little hurts.
Women, men, children: we all are alike! Now that we have sunny days, we want to run everywhere, jump on a bike, put on roller skates, climb the slightest hill. In short, we want to live our adventurous life. But that does not always end the way we like. The result are cuts and scrapes, bumps and bruises and, sprained hands, legs, arms, and feet. And above all, do not think you do not risk anything by lying quietly on your deckchair. You can get bitten by an insect or sunburnt. So we must quickly relieve all these little sores which, we must admit, are rarely very bad.
We can't repeat this enough: perfect dental hygiene is paramount, not only for your oral health, but also for your general health. The mouth is the entrance to our body for everything we consume, liquid or solid. It is in direct contact with our environment and is subject to external aggressions such as bacteria, viruses and atmospheric pollution. Poor dental hygiene can cause periodontal disease, which can lead to more serious medical conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes and respiratory infections. This is why our dental health needs to be preserved throughout our lives.