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Cocculus indicus 8 DH
Vinca minor 4 DH
Zincum valerianicum 6 DH
Nux vomica 4 DH
Pulsatilla 4 DH
Argentum nitricum 6 DH
Glonoinum 4 DH
Belladonna 4 DH
Petroleum 8 DH

Product overview

Box of 40 orodispersible tablets of 250 mg

Authorised medicinal product n° 34009 300 840 9 0.

Sublingual tablets

Homeopathic medicinal product for travel sickness and montain sickness.


orodispersible tablets

Medicinal product not subject to medical prescription. Ask your pharmacist for advice.


Homeopathic medicinal product traditionally used in prevention and treatment of travel sickness (seasickness, airsickness, carsickness, train sickness) and in the treatment of mountain sickness.

  • Ÿ Read carefully the package leaflet.
  • Ÿ The medicinal product contains lactose and mannitol.
  • Ÿ Due to the presence of the stock PULSATILLA in the formula, this medicinal product should not be used in case of otitis or sinusitis without medical advice.
  • Ÿ Do not use under 18 months of age.
  • Ÿ If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.

Visa n°17/10/6 012 661 2/GP/001


Let the tablet dissolve under the tongue.
In the case of children from 18 months up to 6 years of age, allow the tablet to dissolve in a little water before taking it because of the risk of wrong way.

Travel sickness prevention:
- 1 tablet in the morning, at noon and in the evening, the day before departure. - 2 tablets 30 minutes before departure.

Travel sickness treatment:
- 1 tablet when the first symptoms arise, to be renewed if necessary, or reduced if symptoms improve, with a maximum of 6 tablets per day, the day of traveling.

Mountain sickness treatment:
- 1 tablet when the first symptoms arise, to be renewed if necessary, or reduced if symptoms improve, with a maximum of 6 tablets per day. - Treatment duration: 5 days. Reduce the frequency of administrations when symptoms improved and stop taking the medicinal product when symptoms disappeared.

Children from 18 months of age.


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