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Ways to fight fatigue and start the holidays energised

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As the holidays approach, the tiredness of winter starts to make itself felt. During the mad rush just before the holidays, it’s time to start a treatment with your well being and vitality in mind. On the menu: a balanced diet, restorative sleep and exercise.

Watch what you eat

As the summer break approaches, your body might be showing signs of sluggishness such as tired spells, trouble concentrating or difficulty waking up in the morning. If you’re looking for a boost, adopting healthy eating habits will help you avoid dietary deficiencies and get your strength back before the break.

5 ways to boost vitality through a healthy diet:

  • Opt for foods rich in iron to prevent anaemia: offal, red meat, fish and pulses
  • Sit down to a proper breakfast for more strength in the morning
  • Choose citrus fruit, rich in vitamin C, your number one ally against fatigue
  • Eat nuts like walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds for magnesium – another aid against tiredness and stress
  • Limit your intake of sugar and white flour: they’ll raise up your blood sugar quickly, only to send it spiralling down even lower than before

If you’re suffering from a dietary deficiency, homeopathic treatments with magnesium chloride will give your immune system a boost and fight against tired spells.

Getting a good night’s sleep

Crucial for good health, a decent night’s sleep ensures the proper functioning of your brain, hormones and immune system. Stress, difficulty concentrating, repeated illness – restorative sleep enables you to fight against these temporary problems.

5 tips for a good night’s sleep:

  • Get to bed at a regular time to help reset your body clock
  • Eat lightly at night to avoid disturbing sleep with active digestion
  • Keep the temperature of your bedroom below 20°C: your body needs to cool down in order to sleep properly
  • Give yourself some quiet time before bedtime to prepare your brain for rest
  • Call upon the help of plants like valerian to calm you and encourage sleep

Introduce regular physical activity

A good response to tired spells, sport helps you stay on top: it encourages the secretion of hormones beneficial for your mood and stress; it improves sleep and reinforces the muscle tone. Spring is the ideal time to adopt a new outdoor activity.

4 sports to fight against fatigue:

  • Yoga and tai chi help you better manage your energy
  • Running and swimming help free you from stress and anxiety
  • Dance gets you to relax while enjoying yourself
  • Badminton helps you get your breath back and tones your muscles

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