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Our tips on preventing colds this year

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Coughs, stuffy noses, sneezing, fatigue: each winter, colds affect a big part of the population. Highly contagious, colds are most frequently transmitted between children, because their immune system is still developing and they are most often in contact with the virus. How can you guard against the common cold, and if you catch one, treat the symptoms and avoid complications? Here are our tips for a hanky-free winter.

Avoiding germs

It’s difficult to avoid germs during winter epidemics on public transport, at school and at work. To escape a common cold, you should protect yourself against viruses beyond the front door, as well as preventing their spread in the home.

5 tips for staying out of the reach of germs:

  • wash your hands regularly: according to INPES, the French National Health Institute, 80% of all germs are transmitted through touch
  • avoid touching your face: cold and flu viruses enter your body through your eyes, nose and mouth
  • use disposable tissues to prevent the spread of viruses
  • regularly air out rooms
  • don’t share personal effects, like glasses and dishes, and separate toothbrushes to prevent an epidemic in the family

Reinforce your immune defences

Your immune system is more fragile during the winter and fatigue and stress can weaken it further. At the beginning of the season, a few natural ingredients introduced into your diet as a preventative measure, can reinforce your immune system and help you resist viruses.

5 natural products that stimulate your immune system:

  • vitamin C
  • ginseng
  • magnesium
  • elderberry
  • thyme

Treating cold symptoms

There are legions of cold symptoms - coughs, sore throats, headaches, nasal congestion and fatigue to name a few. While you’re waiting to get over a cold – it takes a week on average – a few simple tips will help you relieve the symptoms.

4 anti-cold ingredients:

  • thyme and eucalyptus : these plants help clear the nose and throat and make breathing easier
  • rest: rest supports the immune system which needs energy to function
  • peppermint: it’s recognized for its headache-fighting qualities
  • a low thermostat: overheated rooms dry out the delicate membranes of your eyes, nose and throat 

Avoiding complications

If after two weeks your cold persists, the infection can shift to your pharynx or larynx, and germs can affect your sinuses or ears: a simple cold can then turn into rhinopharyngitis, laryngitis, sinusitis or an ear infection.

3 recommendations for preventing complications:

  • try not to smoke: tobacco irritates respiratory passages and increases the risk of infection and complications linked to colds
  • drink a lot: colds have a tendency to dehydrate your body
  • blow your nose regularly to eliminate impurities and clear the nose

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