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Our anti-depressions tips for a happier winter

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In winter shorter, colder days and a lack of light have a tendency to impact our mood and our health. How do we stay happy and avoid viruses? Green tea and chocolate breaks, steam rooms or Nordic walking: here are our tips for getting the best from the winter season.

Winter foods for well being

If summertime fruit and vegetables offer a major part of the vitamins and nutrition necessary to stay healthy, winter foods need to be chosen carefully to help you protect yourself against fatigue, stress and illnesses.

5 healthy winter foods:

  • Dark chocolate: rich in magnesium, it helps fight stress and anxiety
  • Green tea: it contains antioxidants, helpful against ageing, and particularly good for skin
  • Mushrooms: low in calories and rich in fibre, they encourage good digestive transit. They also contain vitamins B and D to guarantee the health of skin and bones, as well as the nervous and digestive systems
  • Citrus fruit: a major source of vitamin C, they help your body fight against fatigue and viruses
  • Soup: a source of liquids for your body, frequently dehydrated in winter, and the vegetables provide the vitamins and minerals necessary to protect cells

Do things that do you good

When days get shorter and chillier, continuing outdoor sports can pose a problem. But what can we do to maintain health during the winter? Here are our ideas for winter well being.

4 feel-good activities:

  • Hammam: a steam room helps you relax your entire body and eliminate toxins through sweat
  • Yoga: this peaceful practice helps calm you, while improving energy levels; it helps develop flexibility and serenity
  • Light therapy: this natural light treatment helps you re-establish your circadian rhythms to get your sleep cycle, and your health, back on track
  • Nordic walking: fast walking with poles, this practice is more intense than a hike and puts less stress on the body than running, so it’s a great way to stay in shape all winter

Give your body a boost and avoid viruses

During winter when your body works harder, your immune defences are down and illness can rush in. This is the moment to give your body a boost to help it stay strong in the face of seasonal viruses.

4 natural ingredients to fight viruses:

  • Vitamin C: your best ally against chronic fatigue, it aids the normal function of the immune system
  • Ginseng: an incredibly stimulating plant, it fights physical and mental fatigue and stimulates the immune system
  • Thyme: a natural antiviral and antioxidant, it sooths sore throats
  • Eucalyptus: this plant is a powerful antiseptic for your respiratory passages

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