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Every year autumn arrives along with colder weather, shorter days, and less sunlight. It can be challenging to stay cheerful in these conditions. However, studies have shown that a good attitude and good health go hand in hand. Lifestyle changes, body treatments, rest and positive thinking - here are our tips for maintaining your smile in the grim face of autumn.

Take care of yourself

With the arrival of the cold weather, you may see hair loss, dry skin, and lacklustre skin replacing your summer glow.  Taking care of your body will help you feel better and keep your chin up.

3 great tips for feeling good:

  • take care of your hair: use conditioner or treatments to help prevent increased hair loss in autumn
  • moisturize your skin: apply moisturizing cream to your body to stay silky when the cold weather comes knocking
  • make skincare a habit: take your make-up off, and clean and moisturize the skin every day to prevent spots and improve your complexion’s brightness

Adopt a healthier lifestyle

This season is a great occasion to change a few habits, preventing stress and tiredness and freeing up some time for yourself. A few small changes can help you stay relaxed and hold on to your good mood.

4 tips for a more relaxed day:

  • take the time to have breakfast: having breakfast gives you the energy for the day and helps prevent that sluggish feeling mid-morning
  • free up some time for relaxation in the day: a few minutes of slow breathing can help you rid yourself of the day’s tensions
  • get regular exercise: during exercise, your body releases endorphins, the « feel-good » hormone
  • stay organized to prevent the stress of being late: set your alarm a few minutes early and try to catch an earlier bus or train

Preventing tired spells

When the days get shorter and the sun’s rays scarcer, fatigue makes itself felt and takes a toll on your mood. In autumn, keep a close eye on your diet and lifestyle in order to prevent chronic fatigue.

5 tips for preventing tired spells:

  • get to bed at the first sign of tiredness to stay in phase with your circadian rhythms
  • enjoy a glass of fresh orange juice in the morning to get a hit of vitamin C
  • if you’re feeling tired, try phytotherapy; this natural light therapy helps treat circadian rhythm disorders helping you get good night’s rest and stay healthy
  • eat foods rich in iron (like lentils, red meat and fish) to prevent anaemia
  • take magnesium supplements: they’ll help you fight stress and fatigue

Make a habit of positive thinking

A life philosophy based on daily optimism, positive thinking can be used in all aspects of life. It can also help solve various chronic problems.

3 benefits of positive thinking:

  • helps prevent psychosomatic illnesses linked to stress: stomach ulcers, asthma attacks, eczema or other chronic illnesses
  • has a positive impact on your social life: optimism naturally attracts others
  • helps you gain self-confidence by shifting your focus to your positive points

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