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How to handle motion sickness ?

children in the car

Everything’s ready for the weekend trip, but one thought niggles: the kids get carsick. With nausea and vomiting along for the ride, the first part of a sunny weekend break can often prove challenging. So how can you prevent motion sickness? Here are our tips for a smoother trip.

Ensure their comfort in the car

Varying speeds, a throbbing engine and a sensation of stillness inside the vehicle - in a car, our senses are really put to the test. Children are often affected by motion sickness, which is triggered by our clashing visual, muscular and auditory perceptions. In very small children, the balance mechanism is more sensitive than that of adults. Here are a few ways to help them maintain their equilibrium.

6 tips for reducing car sickness:

  • Reduce head and body movements by not leaving much wiggle room
  • Avoid reading or looking at another moving object
  • Focus the gaze on a stable point outside the car
  • Avoid rapidly accelerating or decelerating
  • Lower the volume of music to protect the ears
  • Lie down and close your eyes

Soothing the sensation of nausea

A slight queasiness - the first symptom of motion sickness - can quickly turn into nausea and then vomiting. But this unpleasant sensation can be reduced, helping to avoid those urgent stops for repeated bouts of vomiting.

4 ways to reduce nausea:

  • Eat lightly before leaving
  • Open the windows to chase away nauseating odors
  • Drink regularly
  • Bring a lemon as it prevents acid reflux

Preventing other types of motion sickness

Motion sickness can happen with other types of transport, not just the car. In an airplance, the body experiences the inhabitual impact of turbulence plus a pressurised cabin. On boats, the swaying motion can quickly throw us off balance. As for the train, incredible speeds contrasted with a relatively still interior can be disturbing.

3 basic rules for preventing motion sickness :

  • On a boat, position yourself in the center and on the outside edges
  • In a plane, choose a seat near the wings
  • Try and sit facing the direction of the train

Another way to avoid motion sickness is to take one of the 100% natural solutions available as an added precaution.

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