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How to fight stress this autumn?

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With the return of the fall season comes a new schedule, a new school year and a return to life’s little hassles. September can prove stressful for the entire family. So how can you approach this period with a relaxed attitude ? Or combat stress and its side-effects ? Here are our tips for maintaining your calm this season.                                                        

Treating symptoms of stress

Increased heartbeat, muscle tension, and stomach pain – when you experience stress, your nervous and hormonal systems work overtime, disturbing your body’s balance.

A few good habits can help you limit the side effects of chronic anxiety.

4 tips for reducing the symptoms of stress:

  • Get a regular massage, or stretch regularly to relieve muscular tension caused in part by stress-related adrenalin
  • Breathe deeply to slow your heart rate, which shoots up with anxiety levels
  • Eat a healthy diet, with an emphasis on foods that are easy to digest – whole foods, fibre (fruit and vegetables) – because stress increases digestive difficulties like heartburn and acid reflux
  • Get some help from medicinal plants like Valerian for a good night’s sleep without stress

Managing sources of stress

So that your summer doesn’t end on an anxious note, sometimes it helps to analyse your lifestyle to identify the causes of stress, and then work on improving your habits. Lifestyle, work, schedule, and sleep: here are our tips for getting back to the basics of a good night’s sleep.

4 tips for reducing everyday anxiety:

  • Lifestyle: reduce your coffee intake, which can hold you back from sleep and make you irritable; and cut back on cigarettes, which increase your heart rate
  • Work: take the time to analyse any organisational problems to improve productivity and avoid overwork
  • Sleep: give yourself at least an hour away from a screen (TV or computer) before bedtime to better prepare yourself for sleep
  • Schedule: better organise your time so that you incorporate relaxation which will help you reduce stress

Leave anxiety behind

When practiced regularly, certain disciplines can help you control your anxiety and fight against stress-related health issues. Here are our solutions that work to ease body and mind:

4 solutions for combating stress:

  • Get regular exercise: physical activity has a calming action thanks to the release of endorphins, « well-being hormones »
  • Learn how to breathe again: breathing deeply into your stomach helps supply oxygen to the body, relaxing your muscles and your mind
  • Try Sophrology: this discipline combines meditation, yoga and relaxation exercises to re-establish positive body-mind balance, and increase well-being

Try a course of magnesium, a mineral renowned for its anti-stress virtues

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