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Healing spring’s minor injuries

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With the arrival of spring, the kids pick up their outdoor games – and the little cuts and scrapes that accompany them. Bike riding accidents, scrapes or burns – these minor injuries can be treated quickly to prevent pain the next day. Read our tips on healing your little ones’ little hurts.

Treat injuries quickly

Bruises, cuts, bites, blisters and burns – happily kids’ injuries are often minor. But even if these small wounds aren’t serious, they can still leave a trace on the face or knee for some time. There are a few things you can do to prevent these marks, things that help dry your child’s tears too.

What to do for minor injuries:

  • Blister: if the blister has popped, disinfect it and cover it with a bandage
  • Bruise: ice the area, then apply arnica gel
  • Burn: run room-temperature water over the wound, then apply a tulle gras dressing and take a dose of calendula
  • Bite: carefully pull out the stinger, disinfect, then apply ice
  • Cut or scrape: disinfect and apply a band aid

Using plants to sooth and heal

100% natural remedies – as effective as conventional remedies in these cases – help heal wounds, mainly by speeding up the healing process. These plants are available in the form of gel or homeopathic solutions, and can be used liberally.

4 natural remedies for minor injuries:

How to handle a serious fall

While most falls are nothing to worry about, a heavy blow to the head must be taken seriously. Following an accident, certain unusual signs should alert you to the possibility of head injury, even cranial trauma. If you observe these symptoms, the child should be taken to the hospital immediately.

6 symptoms to take seriously:

  • Repeated vomiting
  • Unusually agitated or aggressive behaviour
  • Sleepiness
  • Violent headaches
  • Troubled vision
  • Slurred speech

Our associated advices

Women, men, children: we all are alike! Now that we have sunny days, we want to run everywhere, jump on a bike, put on roller skates, climb the slightest hill. In short, we want to live our adventurous life. But that does not always end the way we like. The result are cuts and scrapes, bumps and bruises and, sprained hands, legs, arms, and feet. And above all, do not think you do not risk anything by lying quietly on your deckchair. You can get bitten by an insect or sunburnt. So we must quickly relieve all these little sores which, we must admit, are rarely very bad.