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Get in shape and in balance this spring

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As you may feel a little run down after winter, spring is a great time to reassess your habits and get back into shape without resorting to draconian dieting. On the menu: healthy eating habits, a good night’s sleep and natural slimming allies to help you welcome in the new season with equanimity.

Adopt sensible eating habits

Frustrating yoyo dieting or starving yourself is no solution to maintaining your weight over the long term. Several studies have shown that healthy eating is far better than any diet for keeping weight off permanently. Spring is the ideal season for rebalancing your lifestyle, reviewing your eating habits, and losing those extra kilos.

6 basic rules for healthy eating:

  • Make breakfast part of your routine as it limits your desire to snack
  • Avoid pre-prepared meals – full of fat and salt
  • Drink water throughout the day to flush out toxins
  • Choose whole grains to improve digestion
  • Take time to properly chew your food, giving your brain a chance to receive the message that your stomach is full
  • Lighten up on the evening meal as your body uses less calories at rest

Getting a good night’s rest

Sleep - another cornerstone of a balanced lifestyle – has a direct impact on your weight. A lack of sleep leads to hormonal imbalance: ghrelin, which sends out hunger signals, is secreted more abundantly when the production of leptin, which sends a satiety signal, diminishes. Keep a healthy weight and don’t shorten your night’s rest just because the days are getting longer.

5 keys to better sleep:

  • Keep a regular sleeping schedule
  • Eat a light supper in order to aid digestion before sleep
  • Avoid stimulating activities before going to bed to help slow down your system
  • Lower the temperature in your bedroom (around 18°C) as your body lowers its temperature before sleeping
  • Try Valerian which encourages sleep and reduces anxiety

Get some help from natural products

Without looking to supplements that can be expensive and ineffective, there are a few natural products that can help your body process nutrients or distribute fat evenly. Available in the form of tisanes, these plants give your healthy eating habits a helping hand.

4 natural allies for fighting weight:

  • Green tea contains catechin which regulates weight and help distribute fat evenly around your body
  • Urtica (nettle) helps lymphatic drainage and weight loss
  • Chicory cleans the liver and improves digestion
  • Guarana helps burn fat


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