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Emerging from winter: boost your vitality

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Winter, with its lack of daylight, cold weather and flu epidemics, plays havoc with your body. As we shift from the winter into spring, we may feel extra tired. Here’s our advice for an energy boost before the onset of spring.

Eat natural, energizing products

After cold weather or viruses, certain plants or minerals aid in rebooting a fragile organism. The end of winter is a good time to start a detox, while waiting for a naturally healthy summer diet, richer in fruit and vegetables.

4 natural ingredients to fight against fatigue:

  • Vitamin C contributes to a dynamic metabolism and is essential for immune system function
  • Magnesium helps fight fatigue. But be careful – it can have negative side effects if taken in excess
  • Iron is essential to healthy body function; an iron deficiency can lead to anemia, and serious fatigue
  • Ginseng is a tonic that activates the immune system

Detox to purify your body

Body waste and toxins accumulate and weaken the organism. A detox can facilitate digestion and help you regain strength before the warm weather arrives.

6 detox ingredients:

  • Water: drink a lot to flush out toxins through urine
  • Green tea: its antioxidant action is effective against toxins
  • Vegetables: they’re also rich in antioxidants
  • Lemon: it stimulates the liver, in charge of eliminating waste
  • Peppermint: helps evacuate toxins
  • Thyme: also helps your organism flush out waste

Get active

Winter, cold and a lack of light all mean that getting regular exercise gets a bit tougher. However, regular exercise means you get fresh air and stay fit, amongst other health benefits.

4 reasons to get back into exercise:

  • It helps you sleep by releasing tension
  • It boosts endorphin production, the “happy” hormone, and helps combat seasonal affective disorder
  • It increases your body temperature, which supports good blood flow and improves your immune system function
  • It helps eliminate the stodgy food indulgences of winter.

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