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Pregnant women

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Tired, heavy legs

Pregnancy can give rise to circulatory problems: the inevitable weight gain can sometimes affect venous return, and the abundant secretion of sex hormones encourages the dilation of blood vessels and increases the risk of swelling and fluid retention. Blood pools in the veins, your legs feel tired and heavy, you get pins and needles and your feet and ankles swell.

Our advice for stimulating venous return:

  • Apply a plant-based gel to your legs at regular intervals
  • Avoid prolonged standing
  • Keep active, walking and even swimming
  • Raise the foot of your bed
  • Shower your legs with cold water



Odd aches and pains, the changes taking place in your body, apprehension about the coming changes in your life, about giving birth: pregnant women are subject to many stress factors. Under the combined effects of tiredness and hormonal changes, stress can turn into anxiety. This must be taken seriously, to avoid any repercussions on the wellbeing of mother and baby.

Here are four solutions agaisnt anxiety:

  • get plenty of rest: pregnancy is immensely tiring for the body
  • follow a course of homeopathic treatment based on magnesium and other minerals, the natural enemies of stress
  • engage in gentle exercise such as walking or yoga
  • prepare yourself for giving birth as a way of overcoming your fears

Breastfeeding problems

Breastfeeding is not always without its disadvantages: swollen, painful breasts, cracked nipples caused by improper latch on or positioning of the baby, or a shortage of milk due to tiredness. Some minor readjustments may be needed to help you and your baby rediscover the shared pleasure of nursing.

For pain-free breastfeeding, we recommend:

  • Feed your baby at regular intervals to avoid  engorgement
  • Rest and drink plenty of water to ensure you can produce enough milk
  • Change the baby's nursing position if you find your nipples cracking
  • Use a nursing pillow to help prevent cracking
  • Use homeopathic solutions to help restore your mineral balance

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